Black Hair Typography

by Heart-Sick Groans

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We hope you like these recordings – because they were almost too costly! In fact, they nearly caused the band not to be in a position to make any more recordings.
Broken arms, broken legs, cut-up faces… What a night!

Believe me that the youngsters of today are listening to what Heart-Sick Groans is saying, because they are telling it like it is.

A hundred years from now or a thousand years from now, if historians, sociologists, archeologists, and other scientists want to know what it was really like in the 2000’s, they can ignore all the big books written and instead listen to Heart-Sick Groans.

Pop is the voice of the young, the pulse beat of the kids who are with it.
"It took us some time to make these songs," lead vocalist Johan Brännström says, running a hand through his greasy hair. "We had to find out if there's more to life than music. There isn't." He laughs — a warm, contagious laughter, but also very sincere and sensual. It reminds me of Heart-Sick Groans' music.

Hankering through blindingly sunny and dreadfully rainy days with a multitude of odd-jobs — chimney sweeper, snow shuffler, nude model, mailman, Christmas tree picker, runaway cat caretaker — and scattering across both Sweden and the world, the years went by as the music treasure that is Heart-Sick Groans' legacy could be finalized and released to you, the listener.

Musical guests Marcus Kimaro Brännström and Gunnar Carlén both make their obligatory return; Marcus on each song with his trademark jaw-dropping guitar technique and heart. Gunnar plays the bass guitar on the romantic spaghetti western epic, "Lily of The West."

If you're looking for an album that you can use as background music or hear in an elevator, put this back on the shelf. But if you want an album which will entice you, like a spider, into its beautiful silky web – this is it!

Lantman i Hatt Music


released April 10, 2014

Vocals, guitars, violins, Yamaha A-55: Johan Brännström
Drums, percussion, whistles, backing vocals: Martin Lindström
Guitars, Korg Mono/Poly, computer machine, backing vocals: Henric Wallmark
Additional electric guitars and angelic backing vocals: Marcus Kimaro Brännström
Bass guitar on Lily of the West: Gunnar Carlén

Recorded and mixed in Elverton° Studio 2, Selånger, Sundsvall by Henric Wallmark. E°28.




Heart-Sick Groans Sweden

HEART-SICK GROANS is one the most amazing bands to come along in recent years. With the kind of sound you can't forget!

Prepare for delightfully crisp, ear-tantalizing adventure as HEART-SICK GROANS throws itself head-first into immortal music fun!
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Track Name: Black Hair Typography
Lyrics by J Brännström/H Wallmark

Putting up your hair with your scarf, in a knot
I want to touch your neck, but I'm not
You're putting on your face while I'll pour some scotch
A last glimpse at the gold watch

A book with letters set in your black hair
Each letter cut from your curls

I'd read it through if you would care
You just say you care
You just say you care

A single breath
Goes through your chest
And cleans our book from text

Putting down your suitcase on the floor of the train
I wish i rode it with you, but that's changed
I step out and think that your voice chimes my name, but its
The last call from the station clock

How come you say
"It's always best to write with the sun in your eyes
with lovers passing by"

Little do you mean
Black Hair Typography
Just a lover passing by
Track Name: Lily Of The West
Hard wood on a carpenter's floor
Her skin glimmers ice and her lips are cold

Where's your jacket and where's your guile?
Rode away on tigers, came a-back with the tide

Went with the seeds to see tulips grow
Returned in August with an arrow and a bow

Worked in the quarry for three dark years
Waiting for the honey to come sipping through my tears
If it hadn't been for honesty, I wouldn't have been bound
But I let my promises rest with my heart in the ground

Soak the sun with a soda on copper green roofs
Hear your laughter in the wind with the clatter of hooves

I had my teeth pulled out on the first day of snow
Tie my ribbon in your hair while my golden grin glows

Went with the seeds to see tulips grow
Returned in August with an arrow and a bow
Rip my shirt to bare my chest
Let the arrows pierce my breast and
Have her touch hot iron stamp my flesh
I'd gladly go then,
Stung by the thorn of the
Lily of the West

She asked she begged
She swore she had changed, but I
But I let my promises rest with my heart in the ground
Track Name: My Nails Are Too Long
My eyes aren't the best,
I can't see very far
But there's a great view
From the backseat of your car

There's a pressure on my chest
Since the soft breeze has been gone
And I just combed my hair
And I've got my best clothes on

But my nails are too long
and I haven't got the knife to cut them
I'm going to stand up, reach high
Till my eyes will see you again

Your eyes are full of sin
And innocence at once
You've got that kind of look
That makes a singer write a song

There's a room I know
And it's where I long to be
And forget about the toll
That steals the time for me
Track Name: If The Canary Stops Singing
I couldn't sleep well,
went down to the shafts
i shouted out your name, babe
like that echo would last

I couldn't think of nobody else
carved your face on a copper coin
threw it into the well

And if the canary stops singing
we better leave this mine
Did you hear I was lost in the tunnels
Knee-deep in water, blind

If I had a set of a small birds lungs
I wouldn't have to count the stones,
slippery and sharp

The torchlight faded
but there was a glimmer by my feet
The coin I discarded
when broken-hearted
The copper coin, cold,
with your face, sweet.

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